Escape From Fort 2 Remake

Escape From Fort 2 Remake

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Gongtats Games 3

Escape From Fort 2 Remake


You find yourself deep underground, you do not remember how you get here, only thing you know, you must escape to from this place. Search for items and solve puzzles in order to be able unlock all locked doors and escape from fort. Good Luck!Mouse to click on objects and navigate around.

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  • llr

    I love playing all of your games the only thing i don’t like is the newly added is the whose among us side bar it has made me mess up on several games i was almost done with that some had taken forever and it made me mess up at the very end maybe you could put it in a different spot so it doesn’t cover up some of the screen on the games maybe move it more towards the bottom or top of the screen, but still scrolling down staying in that same spot. I would love to hear a reply if you would like to email me i would have no problem with that. however i love the games i only wish you would come out with new ones more often like maybe two days a week i know they are hard to put together but that would be great and i know other people would appreciate it also.
    thanks again

    • Ainars

      Hello, thanks for feedback, and thanks for reporting “amung us” problem, i will move it to other location.
      I am trying to make games more often, but usually it takes more time than i think.



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